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Franck Agulhon is one of the most sought-after jazz drummers in the
hexagon. his chopsticks artist, with impressive discography, shares his time
between many concerts and pedagogy.
In fact, besides being a great artist and musician, Franck has a fine and
precise vision of music, and his taste for sharing knowledge made him a
highly sought-after battery specialist at masterclass that he animates with
It’s precisely at one of these meetings in Marseille (the city where he grew
up), that he achieved masterclass with a concert in a trio with Cyril
Benhamou on keyboards and Pascal Blanc on bass.
From the first notes, cohesion and the desire for sharing are palpable…
Everyone finds their true places in a natural way, and music flows…
A second concert followed a few months later, and quickly, the idea of
going further became clear.
Pascal Blanc is one of those bassists who knows how to make his bass sing
with a unique groove and seating.
As for Cyril Benhamou, he’s simply become one major asset of the jazz
landscape in Marseille with his various projects and inspired compositions.
These 3 men’s instincts had to be given way to.
They felt like playing again together, wanted to write together, to record
their work and art and catch their raised-up-to-power-three-groove into a
As a matter of fact, be it light, ambient, energetic or assertive, their groove
does it…
Listening to this first album is about getting the osmosis between these 3
musicians as it’s been put into a “box”.
It is feeling their captivating groove-born jazzy melodies and what lives
there among them, right at the core…
Regardless of each of their own distinctive backgrounds, they make it
happen, they share and weave music through.



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Release end of 2018