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Blind Cinema

Blind Cinema


Blind Cinema is a band which has decided to write music for movies that haven’t been made yet !
Rock band Mascaara stands for the trailer to their project, then comes the cover band (Le Big Fish) which has been touring the French Riviera since 2011, (performing over a hundred shows a year) and whose uniqueness lies in the way they recreate modern pop music pieces giving them a country/folk/wacked-up crooning twist.

Blind Cinema’s first opus will naturally match a pop/folk/rock decor. Their project is supported by the mill and they usually perform as the opening act for artists such as Yodelice, L.E.J., Cats on trees or les innocents’.
Out in October 2016, the band really expects the album will meet the largest audience and hopefully make it to many a movie credits, possibly with Scarlett !



Distribution :
Jérôme CORNIER : peace guitar
Pascal BLANC : bass guitar half jazz half everything else
Guillaume DUPRE : optimistic drums
David HAZET VILORIA : humble lead singer