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Cascino Trio

Cascino Trio


The Cascino Trio, a way to the roots

On stage, there’s a piano, drums and a double bass. Cascino Trio however goes beyond borders and expands the boundaries of a standard jazz trio. Double bass player Charly Tomas, Luca Scalambrino who plays drums and pianist and composer Patrick Cascino move from refined melodies to explosive impro sessions and unprecedented sounds, exploring a musical universe crossed with Mediterranean rhythms, Latino and African sounds, where transe and melody stand side by side. For this Marseilles trio, seeking the roots of music is digging for the source, where pristine water can be found.
In 2015, Cascino Trio won « Trophées du Jazz de la Côte d’Azur »,
awarded at the 19th Rencontres de Jazz Sous Les Bigaradiers.


Safara, a journey in the heart of musics

Safara is a journey. The journey of a man going from a country to another, meeting other faces, other colors and musical backgrounds.
Safara is a tale made of sounds. You can hear Africa’s red dust, Andalusian dances, Cuban streets and the colors of Italy.
Under the musicians’ expertise, the mosaic comes alive, their unique jazz music opens up, changes colors, blends up.


Opening up ‘From The Inside Out’

Even if he’s perfectly familiar with its codes and operates its lexicon, Patrick Cascino wants his project to fly out beyond the borders of jazz and  enriches it with all the substance he’s collected over the years in particular while working with flamenco guitar player Eric Fernandez and Algerian singer Souad Massi or Western Africa master of djembé Adama Dramé.
« I chose the trio format to make it possible for each of us to speak  out » Marseille’s pianist explains. Luca Scalambrino’s refined and instinctive percussions and Charly Tomas sharp groove and palpable authenticity come together in a true and unique way to  breathe life into his imagination Jazz or world music, everyone will get what they’ve come to find.
If Safara is before anything else a musical creation, its originality lies in the way  it unfolds like a tale made of sounds, definitely accessible to all.
One piece, then another, the journey goes on way beyond the music.
Eventually, time and place allowing, Safara may host other artists’ contributions – singers, musicians, actors or dancers.






Agency Manager : Sandrine ROBBE